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Email Broadcast Programs - A must have for email marketing

Email marketing is a powerful and cost effective way to reach your customers. You can use email to tell your customers about promotions, new products launches, events, etc. When your initial targeted audience received their emails, they are also able to refer these promotions to their friends quickly through the click of a button. This can increase the number of prospective customers for your products.

Many marketers now recognized the power of email marketing. A number of them thought that email marketing is simply about sending out a single email and putting their targeted customers' emails in the blind copy listing (commonly known as bcc). And the outcome is that they fail miserably. Because of that, they concluded that the tool does not work and dropped an important tool that could work for them. What they did not know is that they have blindly applied the technique without understanding the rules of the game. And here are the reasons why these marketers failed:

  1. The email sent out did not reach the intended recipients.
  2. It was stopped by anti-spam software. These marketers are not aware that anti-spam software is likely to classify their emails as a spam email because the sender and recipient fields reflect the same email address or the recipient field has no recipient address (it will normally appear as "Undisclosed recipients").

  3. Recipients are not impressed with the email.
  4. Customers are quick to identify that the email is broadcasted to a distribution list and do not feel impressed. As such, they are likely to treat the email as announcement and are more unlikely to respond to the email.

Therefore to have a more effective email marketing program, this technical part of the process must be addressed. As for the results, the skills of the marketer come into play


Does that mean that the marketers have to send out each mail individually or pay some services providers based on a per mail basis and also risk revealing their valuable email addresses to the service providers?

Definitely not! There are low cost programs in the market that could help these marketers. Given below are 3 of them.

Send Personally

Send personally is designed to send messages to a great number of recipients via Microsoft® Outlook® 2000/XP/2003. Add-in offers an alternative method of sending messages from Outlook, separate messages being created for each recipient. The final recipient will receive no information about any of the other recipients. Moreover, he/she will see only his/her name and address in the "To" field, as if the message was sent only to him/her. To know how it works, click here to see the demo.


EBlastWorks is another program that allows you to send out messages to your recipients. It offers the option to customize each message with a personal address (e.g. Dear Jason). The list of recipients you are targeting at is properly organized into different rows and columns and you could see the mail gets send out progressively. ElastWorks provides the flexibility to use a web page as the mail message. The program uses excel macros and could be used even if you do not own an email program such as Microsoft Outlook.


We are in the process of building an email marketing campaign subscription service. This subscription based service allows you to send out emails to your customers and to track the response rate of your email marketing campaign. It will allow you to analyze and evaluate the quality of your customer list and to segment the customers based on certain profile.

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