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Q1 2003
Q2 2003

Singapore Travel Industry Benchmarking

Kindly note that NATAS has ended the project at the end of 2005. We have

NATAS has engaged SynergyWorks to develop and manage the Singapore Travel Industry Benchmarking Study. SynergyWorks will manage the entire process from data collection to report generation. NATAS, together with SynergyWorks, is involved mainly in the development of the key performance indicators (KPIs) and the benchmarking report. They will not have access to any information other than the results compiled for the industry. The study is meant to benefit travel agents/ tour operators like you and we look forward to your participation.

To verify our engagement, please refer to the section SINGAPORE TRAVEL INDUSTRY BENCHMARKING on the NATAS Website or contact Patricia Auyeong from NATAS at (65) 65340187 Ext. 268.

  1. Purpose of establishing industry benchmarks
    1. To chart out the seasonal trend in the travel industry
    2. Measure the growth of the travel industry
    3. Measure the impact of major event(s) such as Iraq War and SARS on the travel industry
    4. Establish the current performance of an average travel agent/ tour operator in the travel industry
    5. Analyze the individual travel agent/ tour operator's performance against the industry

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  2. Benefits to travel agents/ tour operators
    1. To explore opportunities that could ride on the industry trend

    2. Individual travel agent/ tour operator could measure its growth against a realistic benchmark
    3. Allocate an optimal amount of resources for each period
    4. Classify the competency level of the travel agents/ tour operators
    5. To identify the possible areas of improvement for individual operators

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  3. Participation
    1. Download the relevant template(s) given below and fill in your monthly data. The data required is likely to involve somebody from:
      1. Operations;
      2. Human Resources/ Payroll and/or;
      3. Accounts
      4. » Data template for Q1 2002 to Q4 2003

        » Data template for Q1 2004 onwards

        Note: For the initial submission, you need to submit 7 quarters of monthly data

    2. Send the data to We will advise you accordingly if you are required to pay for your participation. The charges for participation are as follows:
    3. Based on the position when SynergyWorks receive your report Amt Payable
      1st 100 respondents and a NATAS member FREE
      1st 100 respondents but not a NATAS member $150
      Number 101 respondents onwards and a NATAS member $200
      Number 101 respondents onwards and not a NATAS member $300
    4. After the payment is made, SynergyWorks will send you a company ID that will be used to identify your report
    5. Once compiled, the report would be sent to you via

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  4. Security and Confidentiality
  5. SynergyWorks understands that you are concerned about the confidentiality of the data sent to us and would like to assure you that various measures are put in place to protect your data.

    1. The information submitted to is received and managed only by person(s) within SynergyWorks.
    2. Once we receive the data, we will remove them from the server and store it in our database.
    3. Reports are identified using company IDs which are known ONLY to you and SynergyWorks.
    4. Report generated is only sent to MD or equivalent from

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  6. The Report
    1. The report consists of the following:
      1. A performance table for the period between two consecutive years
      2. A breif analysis of the results for the quarter
      3. A chart measuring the Gross Margin against the Net Margin and a brief analysis
      4. A series of graphs showing the quarter to quarter results for the last two years.
    2. The KPIs are arranged in 3 major categories so that you can review your operations in an easy and systematic way. The categories are:
      1. Profitability
      2. Sales Efficiency
      3. Productivity and Operational Efficiency

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  7. Download
  8. » Data template for Q1 2002 to Q4 2003

    » Data template for Q1 2004 onwards

    » Sample Report

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