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Strategic and Business Planning

Business Modeling

Balance Scorecard or Key Performance Indicators

Decision-Based Reporting
EPM-Economic Profit Management

Our Approach

SynergyWorks helps companies organise and structure the key elements of decision-making in various business functions and applies the result to improve their companies' operational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Our approach is developed from the knowledge gained from big MNCs in different industries. Depending on your business needs, SynergyWorks could employ all or some of the following components in our approach to satisfy the critical requirements of your business.


  • Strategic and Business Planning

  • Business Modeling

  • Balance Scorecard or Key Performance Indicators

  • Decision-Based Reporting

  • EPM-Economic Profit Management
  • Overview of SynergyWorks Approach to Strategic Planning

    Strategic and Business Planning

    Strategic Planning and SWOT

    Strategic and business planning is one of the most important activities made used by MNCs to determine the allocation of their limited resources. It helps the company to steer its operations in the right direction and ensures the company make full use of its key strengths to maximize its potential. At the same time, it helps to identify areas of improvement that could enable the company to emerge as a stronger player in its industry. Having a strategic plan also allows the manager to stay focused on the company's objective without forgoing the flexibility
    to proactively respond to the dynamic market conditions.


    Business Modeling

    SynergyWorks Business Planning Model

    Business Modeling helps a company identify the key revenue and cost drivers for various departments. It also identifies the relationship of these drivers between departments. By understanding the inter-departmental influences, managers are able to appreciate and promote inter-departmental co-operations.

    Business modeling is very powerful if they are well designed. It can help to align the business forecast with a consistent set of assumptions. With the model, the company can also run scenarios based on different sets of assumptions. It helps the company understand the influences of key assumptions and anticipate the outcome should a particular set of assumptions come true. This helps the company to be better equipped for the fast changing business environment and provide a shorter yet accurate response to these changes. Good business model can help constantly align their resources with the development of the external environment and ensure
    that their resources are spent in a timely manner.

    SynergyWorks has the experience and skills to design good business models for you. We have a good understanding of various business functions and are able to create business models at a shorter period of time. Our models are simple yet dynamic and efficient, thereby minimizing the amount of resources required.

    Balance Scorecard

    KPI for Customer Services Operations

    The balanced scorecard is commonly known as the key performance indicators. It consists of a set of targets derived from the business model. These targets are assigned to relevant departments whereby managers could break down these key indicators further and provide their staffs with a set of operational targets that are meaningful to their daily jobs. This can drive the company towards better financial returns when their employees achieve the targets set for them.


    Decision-Based Reporting

    With the advances in IT, companies are no longer faced with a lack of information. Instead, information is so overwhelming that managers are spending too much time looking at reports that are irrelevant or only partially meet their requirements. As a result, they make use of multiple reports just to get a holistic view of situations such as sales performance, top 10 customers by products, etc. Also, in some cases, decisions are even made based on biased information presented from a single source. Hence, this may end up solving part of the problem or create even more issues. At the end of the day, valuable time is wasted on firefighting.

    SynergyWorks has the expertise in reviewing, consolidating and presenting the reports from a business perspective. We have worked with management teams from various companies and understood their needs to look at concise yet informative reports. At the same time, we have hands-on experiences in extracting data from the databases and filtering the unwanted information that can easily confuse decision-makers. We are able to bridge this knowledge gap between the IT experts and the business people and provide good and quality information for decision-making. This will help the company identify and directly address the root causes of problem instead of just managing symptoms only.


    Economic Profit Management

    Economic Profit Management Blueprint

    EPM is an integrated approach to maximize shareholders. value. Economic profit management provides the company with an in-depth understanding of the business. It looks at the financial health of the company beyond the financial statements. The EPM Model looks at the cost of managing business and evaluates the business in
    terms of returns expected by the shareholders. Two companies that generate the same amount of profits may have different returns because of the way they are managed.

    Using the EPM model allows the company identify potential areas that can maximize shareholders. returns. It facilitates decision-making by evaluating projects from the shareholders perspective. In addition, the model can be extended to determine and justify the amount of compensation for the managers.

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