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SynergyWorks is a Decision Science Consulting firm that helps organizations organize and structure key decision-making elements in all their business functions. We help organizations by understanding their business needs, how they make decisions, and then identify the causes of the problems they face, and offer solutions that meet their targets, and as a result, improve their overall operational effectiveness and competitive advantage.

Founded in 2002, our company has made inroads into the following areas:

  1. Corporate Performance Management

    Any enterprise is built by wise planning, becomes strong through common sense and profits wonderfully by keeping abreast of the facts. Proverbs 24:3,4 (TLB)

    At SynergyWorks, we believe that an enterprise can only maximise their profits with an integrated approach to business management. Having a good business plan alone cannot help a company maximize its returns, and neither can a good standalone performance management tool achieve the returns they are looking for. Any business plan must be undergirded by a performance management tool in order to maximize the returns the company hopes to achieve.

    Our approach is developed from our knowledge gained from working with Multi-Nationals Corporations (MNCs) in different industries over the years. We not only help companies develop a viable business plan for their business strategy, but also assist them in identifying the required measures and benchmarks for monitoring progress on a regular basis while achieving their business strategy at the same time. This approach allows companies to stay focused on the company's strategy without forgoing the flexibility to proactively respond to dynamic market conditions.

  2. Business Intelligence

    SynergyWorks helps its clients by delving into their corporate databases and draw valuable information for improving business performance. This extracted information is then transformed into knowledge and intelligence which allows these organisations to leverage on and gain insights for their own businesses to make timely and accurate decisions. Our clients are therefore better equipped to take on new challenges, operate more effectively and make better quality decisions.

    With our experience in business analysis and database management, we are able to cull databases like a technologist, analyze business information with the skill and mindset of a business analyst, and finally transform data into useful business information like a business manager.

  3. Business Solutions

    Designed to suit organizational business process, SynergyWorks' solutions are developed and refined over the years. We strongly believe that having a good business process is essential in increasing businesses' competitiveness in the market place. A standard, off-the shelf software solution normally requires companies to change their business process so as to be able to comply with the software's given requirements, a serious trade off which we do not recommend.

    Our customized solutions are usually built on the existing software and systems that are already available to our clients. This means that additional licenses fees are saved and cost of development and maintenance are reduced to a minimum for our clients, who can then enjoy maximum returns on their investments.

  4. Internet Marketing

    SynergyWorks assist small and medium companies embrace internet marketing using online tools such as websites, Adwords, Adsense, online mall, email marketing and many others to grow their businesses. Our objective is to help them break out from the geographical barrier that hinders them from penetrating into markets in the region or around the world. With the appropriate strategies, we help these companies target at the global internet population which has grown so rapidly to slightly more than a billion surfers today, equivalent to the population of China.

    SynergyWorks also helps its clients adopt the correct strategies to significantly lower their advertisement and promotion costs in the internet environment while maximizing their returns. With the internet, companies are able to offer their products and services on a 24/7 basis (24 hours 7 days a week). Furthermore, they are also able to track the performance and evaluate the effectiveness of all their advertisements with the help of our supporting online tools.



“Jason Khoo is by far one of the most patient and understanding people. He shows this through the win-win approach he uses to deal with other people. If you want something user-friendly and need a reliable and honest partner to work with in order to get REAL results for your organization, you must contact Jason.”

Stuart Tan
Director for Corporate Training, Consultancy and Coaching
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd.





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