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SIMPLE solution, POWERFUL application, EXTRAORDINARY results

SynergyWorks uses existing PC applications that are so common and yet have been so rarely exploited by most of their users. Our business solutions rely on our extreme creativity to powerfully combine the various features that are available in PC applications, as well as our expertise in integrating our business management know-how and technical competence to create winning solutions for businesses.

Some of our solutions by using Microsoft® Office Applications

Sales Management System

Microsoft® Applications Used: MS Excel, MS Access

This product is suitable for companies which have a sales team of less than 10 people. With this product, the sales manager could see the sales summary of his salespersons with a click of the button. The sales manager could sort the summary in terms of sales status, follow-up dates, sales potential and so on. For the sales person, he is able to see the historical sales activites of leads and save them the trouble from the need to remember all of them. What more, sales person do not have to update the sales manager their sales activities. It could all be found in the report. It gives the sales manager a quick snapshot of his sales team activites and does not require him call his team to update him on every customer.

4 Dimensional Excel Chart

Microsoft® Applications Used: MS Excel

Nothing beats providing a pictorial comparison of products and services. Especially when you are trying to make accurate decisions from the limited amount of resources you have. With our 4 dimensional chart, you would be able to present the information graphically, and let the graph do all the explanation. Here is a sample of the chart we have drawn using Microsoft® Excel with Macro Programming.

Solution on Target Marketing

Microsoft® Applications Used: MS Excel, MS Access, MS Words, CDO

We extract existing data generated from their sales system and repopulate the information into our MS Access database. From the new database, our customer is able to identify and select the type of customer they want to reach out to. We transfer the details to MS Words to create mailing labels or send the web-based newsletter or brochure to their customers using CDO.

Our NATAS project

Microsoft® Applications Used: MS Excel, MS Access, MS Outlook, Acrobat Writer

We are appointed by NATAS to manage the Travel Industry Benchmarking Study. To manage the project, we need to collect the data from travel agents and perform analysis on the consolidated data. When the report is ready, we are to distribute the report to individual participants. As the report presents the participants results with the Industry Benchmarks, we are not able to send the report to all within an email. As such, we develop a program, to capture the data, perform the analysis and then distribute the report to individual participants. If this is to be done manaually, it would take us about 1 week. By creating a program to run this, we are able to achieve the above within 1 hour at most.


Our Customers:

National Association of Travel Agents

Singapore Press Holdings

Spa Synergy Pte Ltd

Earnest Interiors & Renovation Pte Ltd

Country Holidays Travel Pte Ltd


01 Computer System Pte Ltd

Singapore Visitor Center

In our projects with our customers, we have created some other smaller solutions which we thought we could be share with you so that you could appreciate the kind of work we are able to achieve through Microsoft® Office, in particular MS Excel. These solutions and others could help you improve your productivity and cost only a fraction of the savings you can achieve. If you are interested to see some of these solutions, please go the the download page.


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